Since the beginning of October, we have Briana, from The US, and Christopher, from Scotland, with us. They are with our students an hour every week to help them improve their spoken English. Christopher is in Pre-Primary and Primary and Briana is in Pre-Primary too and  with our ESO and Batxillerat students. These are their thought about the experience they are starting for a 2nd time.

‘Hello my name is Chris and I am from Scotland. I was a speaker here 5 years ago. I am very happy being here in St Josep school again and helping the students with their speaking in the English classes.

The students in the school are fantastic and they really try to improve there English. The best moments is when the children are having fun and learning English at the same time. The children are so excited to have me in their class and the teachers are very welcoming to me in the school.

I have made so many new friends and I am grateful to all the students and teachers in the school for the wonderful welcome. I look forward in creating great memories with the students and provide a very fun and positive learning environment for them.’

‘Hi, my name is Briana and I am from New York. It is a pleasure to return to St. Josep and teach the same children I taught 2 years ago!

As a Conversation Assistant in St. Josep, I get to teach students about American culture and help expand their knowledge of English. At the same time, I also learn from them.

I hope this year it will be even better than 2 years ago and I will be able to help them improve in a positive learning environment.


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