Since the beginning of October, we have had Coriann Hill-Gough, from England, and Emily Sayers, from Scotland with us. Last January Maddie Evans, from England too, joined us. They are with our students an hour every week to help them improve their spoken English. Coriann is in Pre-Primary and Primary and Emily and Maddie are with our ESO and Batxillerat students. These are their thoughts about their experience here.

‘I have really enjoyed my time so far at St Josep school working with the students and teachers in Primary and Pre-Primary. Everybody has been very welcoming and the students have been participating very well in the speaking classes.’ Coriann

‘I came to St Josep as I wanted to gain some hands-on teaching experience and I have got more out of it than I ever expected. It has been so rewarding working with students helping them to improve their English and I love that I am making a difference to their English careers.´ Emily

´Despite starting my time at St Josep later than the other speakers, I have felt so welcomed and accepted into the school by both teachers and students. I have really enjoyed getting to know the students and they have been amazing in my English speaking lessons. It has been a very rewarding experience for me.´ Maddie