Last Friday, we’re having again the visit of the company Theatre4Schools at our school.

This time they bring with them

Pinocchio Ed. I 3,  Ed. I 4,  Ed. I 5, Ed. P 1

Geppetto, a humble carpenter who had always wanted to have a child, carves a wooden puppet in the shape of a child. One night the Blue Fairy gives life to the puppet, which Geppeto will call Pinocchio.

In the life of Pinocchio, a rogue, Stromboli and the huge mouth of a whale come across him.


Fearless John Ed. P 2, Ed. P 3, Ed. P 4, Ed. P 5, Ed. P 6

What is fear? John asked his mother.

In search of an answer, John accepts the challenge of spending a night in an enchanted castle, home to creatures of the night, dark beings, and a very special Gothic princess. Whoever manages to pass the test will receive a reward.

Humour, romance, and some scare are the ingredients that will help John find the answer where he least expects it.