We would like to welcome Liam (London) and Cristopher (Scotland) who are the conversation assistants that arrived on 29th of September to spend all the year in our school. And Karista (Canada) who is arriving next October.

As some of you know for the experience we had last year, CA (conversation assistants) are young people who want to live during all the course in our school sharing the classes with the teachers. And therefore they will live with different host families every term during their stay in.

It is our intention to continue giving to our students the possibility of improving their ability in speaking English to native people and so that’s the reason why Liam , Cristopher and Karista are being part of the English Department this course and they will be working together with all the English teachers.

Apart from that we want to improve the implementation of the programme by making them not only stay in the English classes in all the levels: Pre-Primary, Primary and ESO but also working together with the science´s teacher to help the students in their learning process in some of these classes.

wAuxiliars de conversa