Theatre4schools 2016 – ROBIN HOOD

DSCF3808On Monday, 18th April, the company Theatre4schools brought a live theatre into our school: “Robin Hood”. Our students from 2nd to 6th grades enjoyed it a lot and had an amazing and exciting experience. In the school we think it is very important to promote the art of spoken word. Theatre inspires creativity and offers life lessons for our students while they are learning a foreign language. We had some classes before the play to help students to understand the story and its basic vocabulary.

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planetsThis term, the 2nd Grade students have done three little video projects about the following: The Earth (2ndA),  The Moon and the Sun (2ndB) and The Planets (2ndC). They have had a lot of fun. We hope you enjoy it!
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our planetIn second grade we learnt a lot about our planet. We decided to record some videos about all we know about the topic. We enjoyed a lot doing this activity and we hope you like it.

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Superheroes.JPGIn fourth grade we were superheroes!!! We decided to make people aware of the responsibility that we have to help our planet and try to respect the 3R’s; Reduce, Recycle and Reuse. We had lots of fun trying to invent ways to explain our ideas about how we can be environmentally friendlier.

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img_0827It is the first year that Collegi Sant Josep in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia takes part in FCC´s Conversation Assistants program.  Sant Josep school is hosting Nicholas and Richard, from  the UK. They both help students from 4th of Primary to 4th of ESO. Our students have the opportunity to improve their English language by doing dynamic classes and  a wide range of activities to get fluency in their spoken English.

Both Nicholas and Richard have written to make us know what their experience with the program is like so far. Thank you Nicholas and Richard!

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Nathan-ReenaShe is Reena From Birmingham, the United Kingdom, and he is Nathan from Dallas (Texas), the USA. This year they are going to become part of our English Department. They will be linving in different students homes and their presences in our school means that our pupils, teachers and school staff will be in touch with a new culture and with the live English language, not only the English that appears in the textbooks.

Our challenge is to improve the learning process of English language by providing the students the possibility of holding real conversations encouraging them to speak and interact with native speakers.

The host programme is developed at the same time as other initiatives such as “Learning about your-self” in Pre-primary 3 and Pre-primary 4, and Scieence in Primary 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

We do believe that creating these programs and implementing lots of new ideas we have for the nearest future, our students will obtaing a higher and cross-cutting level in English.

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